Back… again

I feel like I do this every few months. I get on tumblr, I am active for a little, and then I stop coming on. And then, every time I do come on, I promise myself that I will keep up with it. I never do! So this time, I won’t make that promise. Now I am going to just see what happens. If I stay on, I stay on. If I don’t, then I will be back in a few months.

Oh well. Haters will do as they do

Oh well. Haters will do as they do

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Back when it was just beginning


I’m back..

I have completely forgotten about my tumblr and I am so happy that Kid Cudi reminded me about. He didn’t remind me personally, of course, but I saw him posting something on his twitter from tumblr which made me remember that I had one too! Many of you probably don’t care, maybe all of you, but I’m glad that I rediscovered it. Here goes more blogging!

If your being a fake bitch, then that’s one of the #WaysToGetMeMad


#ThingsOnMyMind fake bitches

#ThingsOnMyMind, my depressing life and the people who make it that way..

Too tired to move.. So ready for the weekend #SLEEP

RT @FITNESSmarianne: So how many hours will the Kim K Divorce Special be?

What are you guys getting #AllDressedUp as?

so twitter wants to know “what’s happening?” soo.. what’s happening this second in your lifes.. most interesting responce gets a SHOUTOUT!

#Liespeoplealwaystell: “it wasn’t my fault”

I keep hearing footsteps in my home.. and im supposed to be alone.. i think Paranormal Activity 3 is making me paranoid

Anonymous asked: Pretty sure you’ve always wanted to see me naked.. Well.. I’m feeling pretty adventurous…